August 2005 – May 2009
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

BFA with emphasis of study in Visual Communications


September 2012 – January 2014
California Academy of Sciences – AntWeb World Tour Imaging Project

  • Photographed and databased 14,000 ant type specimens in collections across Europe for upload to the global ant database
  • Worked with staff in participating institutions to facilitate sharing of data and images and helped to organize and update collections where needed
  • Coordinated travel, housing, and other legal and logistical concerns pertaining to the team’s work and residency in six different host countries

May 2010 – September 2012
Field Museum of Natural History – Research & Collections Assistantship

  • Mounted, databased, and imaged ant specimens collected worldwide by Field Museum curator Dr. Corrie Saux Moreau
  • Prepared and imaged fluorescent DNA stains of gut bacteria in live ants on a field expedition to Guanacaste Conservation Area, Costa Rica
  • Developed new Field Museum microsite for the millipede PEET project
  • Produced SEM images of millipede parts and compiled plates into a comprehensive order-level morphology atlas
  • Sorted bulk samples and identified beetle, millipede, spider and ant taxa
  • Curated and databased the entire ant type collection of North American ant taxonomist Robert E. Gregg

July 2009 – September 2012
Chicago Department of Public Health – West Nile Virus Surveillance Program

  • Identified field collections of local mosquito species
  • Processed samples for nucleic acid isolation
  • Conducted RNA extractions and PCR assays
  • Uploaded test results & daily surveillance data to online database

January 2009 – June 2009
John G. Shedd Aquarium – Planning & Design Internship

  • Conceived original event-specific illustrations
  • Designed t-shirts, flyers, brochures and other promotional material
  • Developed brand-based layouts for website content, educational and public outreach programs and internal report purposes


May – August 2014
Field Museum Virtual Visits
Conceived 43 original order-level illustrations for an interactive beginner’s guide to insect identification

January – September 2012
Ants of Oceania Illustrations
Drafted 82 individual technical drawings to complement a proposed genus-level identification key to the ants of Oceania

June – November 2011
Nature All Around Us Illustrations
Developed 80 original black and white hand-drawn illustrations for the English translation of L’écologie en ville (Beisner, Beatrix E., Christian C. Messier, and Luc-Alain Giraldeau. Nature All Around Us: a Guide to Urban Ecology. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2013.)

February – May 2011
Grzimek’s Animal Life Illustrations
Conceived a suite of 22 original scientific illustrations for the Arachnid pages of online encyclopedia Grzimek, collaborating with the authors to produce labeled figures that correspond with order-level descriptions in the text

June – July 2010
The Romance of Ants Illustrations
Planned and produced the artwork for a pioneering comic-book-styled exhibit at the Field Museum that tells the story of staff curator Dr. Corrie Moreau

March – April 2010
Division of Insects Staff Display & Illustrations
Produced 10 original scientific illustrations and designed new background and layout for a series of public display cases recognizing the history and highlights of the Field Museum’s Insect Collection as well as current and former divisional staff

February – March 2010
Boschwerks Innovation Group Concept Sketches
Product design commission that involved developing 30 unique “character studies” for an innovative new line of anthropomorphized urban-vinyl-inspired cleaning appliances


July 2012
Union of Concerned Scientists Editorial Cartoon Contest
One of 12 selected finalists featured in the 2013 UCS Calendar

April 2012
BioQuipBugs Logo Competition
Second Place Finalist

October 2009
Associated Collegiate Press
First Place Editorial Cartoon

March 2009
School Society for News Design
Second and Third Place Illustration

February 2009
Illinois College Press Association
Second Place Editorial Cartoon


September 2011 – Present
AntBlog Outreach
Answering questions about ant identification and ant biology as an “expert” and one of eight primary collaborators on public blog hosted by AntWeb:

April 2012
Collections & Research Report
Recognized in the Field Museum’s weekly C&R newsletter for achievements as co-curator of the Robert E. Gregg type collection:

August 2011
CBS Chicago Interview
Interviewed for article and televised news broadcast on mosquito ecology:

August 2011
Science at FMNH Podcast Series
Interviewed for series of web podcasts illuminating the experiences and research of Field Museum staff:

May 2011
American Scientist Article
Interviewed by American Scientist magazine for a print and online article about “The Romance of Ants” exhibit:

April 2011
EntSoc “Buzz of the Week” Article
Contribution to “The Romance of Ants” exhibit acknowledged in the weekly “Buzz” on the Entomological Society of America website:

March 2011
Medill Reports Interview
Interviewed for audio accompaniment in Medill Reports article about “The Romance of Ants” exhibit:

July 2010
The Romance of Ants Museum Exhibit
Created artwork for “The Romance of Ants” public museum exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History (July 2010 – January 2012):

December 2008
The Small Science Collective Review
Satirical science zine “It’s Perfectly Normal” featured on popular blog showcasing the talents of creative science enthusiasts everywhere:


— Optical microscopy
— Scanning electron microscopy (Zeiss EVO 60 SEM)
— Microptics ML Macro XLT and LAS digital imaging systems
— DNA fluorescent staining methods
— RNA extraction
— Real-Time PCR

— Pin, slide-mount and point-mount preparation techniques
— Specimen documentation, maintenance and repair
— Bulk sample sorting and cataloguing
— Databasing (KE EMu, MS Access, ZDT Interface)
— Insect, myriapod & arachnid identification

— Microsoft Office 2010
— Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
— Leica Application Suite (LAS) 4.2

— Scientific illustration
— Vector graphics
— Raster image editing
— Desktop publishing
— Bookmaking
— Paper engineering
— Traditional printmaking methods (etching & lithography)
— Modern printmaking methods (offset & silkscreen)

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